Easy roof lath placement without any problems

    The decameter is a 10 m long gauge, which allows precise and quick placement of latch on the roof structure. The basic function of the decameter is to determine the spacing of the latch under the roofing or tile roof without length measurements and calculations.

    The decameter is a tool that will eliminate errors in measurement, errors during calculation, inaccuracies in placing and latching. Will make your work time short.

    Product protected by patent PCT / PL2017 / 000069

  • Main features of the Dekametr

    The dekametr has been designed to help every roofer in his work.

    • Universal

      It is applicable to all types of roofing, regardless of the manufacturer, using lath.

    • Easy use

      Intuitive and clear graphic layout.Easy and fast assembly.

    • Durable

      Resistant to weather conditions: wind, humidity, temperature, UV rays.


    major manufactures roof coverings

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  • The basic advantages of the DEKAMETR are:

    > Fast and precise patch assembly

    > Exclude errors when specifying recommended distances

    > Shortening of assembly time

    > Application for all roofing (for roof tiles, sheet metal, panel roofing)

    > net price

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